Correct selection of art lamps and lanterns of lamps factory build suitable lighting environment

by:Rongde     2020-08-03
A lot of people when decorate a house, want to use a lot of artistic design to improve the overall taste of an outfit. Art style is there are many ways, want to share with you today is about the choice of lamps and lanterns of art. Choose a very artistic lamps and lanterns is an effective way to improve life quality. Pendant lamp factory is the role of the art of the light you know, it is to use a variety of material design, as long as can meet needs of adornment effect, safety and reliable, the designer will use that material. So the style of art lamp specification very much, also can let the designer to design a private lamps and lanterns, exclusive to happiness. Different color of light can reflect master individual character and aesthetic, also can make different household environment. Often backfire, however, too much colour, no distinct personality, not only can make us feel sick in the lighting environment. Some families when choosing lamps and lanterns, like colorful feeling, or the pursuit of high-end atmosphere, the effect of various colors have been installed in indoor lamps and lanterns, where it is needed will indoor light environment of colours. Although it may be costly, but in the actual use of light color affect our vision, also can affect our normal life, easy to produce light pollution. Actually, the color in household environment can be as long as there is a kind of color, color need not too much, also need not struggle to decorate the lamps and lanterns, different colors and color temperature in room should be harmonious and unified. Indoor illume USES light color is different, also can bring different lighting conditions. General slant yellow light warm color is light, can bring us warm and comfortable lighting environment, slant blue light of cool color light, can help us to focus on and improve concentration. There are many users think, household environment is mainly for rest and recreation space, need to use light warm color to create a warm environment, in fact, it is not appropriate to do so. Warm color light can indeed provide us with more comfortable lighting environment, but the color temperature is low, is not conducive to learning and reading, so you can't use light warm color too much. According to different use function, interior space use light color also is not the same. Sitting room, study and kitchen need to focus light, use a neutral white light color is more appropriate, while the bathroom and bedroom needs to provide comfortable environment for our rest, use warm color light is more appropriate. Choosing lamps and lanterns, we should pay attention to the label on the package of the light color is cool color and warm color, so that we can rational use in the home environment, the user can also according to the color temperature values to identify the product of lamps and lanterns, color temperature below 3300 k for warm color light, k - 3300 5300 k to neutral white, more than 5300 k for cool color light. If there is no color temperature or light source on the packaging of light color of the logo, do not buy as far as possible. Art lamp can be used in household environment and commercial space, is also very suitable for artistic architecture. The style of art lamp is very strong, if the subject is conservative and simple design, so don't suit to use art lamp. Only when the whole decorates a style of art strongly use art lamp to achieve the effect of icing on the cake, can catch people's attention.
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