Copper lamp material analyses

by:Rongde     2020-09-20
Copper brass nickname, amaranth, conductive, thermal conductivity, good extension and corrosion resistance. Because of the reason of low strength determines it is not suitable for used in the manufacture of mechanical components. Especially its weight big large lamps and lanterns, the main body and bearing parts on material strength is higher, so most of us understand the pure copper is not suitable for production of lamps and lanterns of the lamp body.

and widely used in the production of almost all brass. Brass lighting lamp mainly in copper, zinc, lead, composition of the ternary and multicomponent brass. Because the copper lamp in both the colour and lustre, processability, ductility, easy electroplating, easy on the coating is impeccable. After stamping, spinning, bending, welding, molding process. Do old copper lamp, have intense sense of history. Do the plating, the glittering reveal expensive gas.

copper lamp has five major categories, respectively is: droplight, absorb dome light, wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp. Mainly used in villas and luxury hotel rooms, clubs, high-grade goods small houses, brand chain stores, bars, KTV etc.

see more quite American lamp shade are: the glass, cloth cover, or solder chimney. Chimney reasonable collocation can make the light is not broken and avoid dizzy light phenomenon in order to achieve better lighting effect. Fixtures are combined with light and soft, having a unique style!

the oxidation treatment after oxygen cut off from contact with the copper lamp, metal lamp can over a long period to keep color. But after long time inevitably have dust settled on the lamp body, then can use dry clean soft cloth gently wipe the dust off the lamp and lampshade. Dust removal is to keep the secret of the atmosphere on a regular basis.

, attentively complete lamp!
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