Complete Cambodia west port hotel non-standard custom display effect

by:Rongde     2020-07-24
Now many hotels, high profile club and KTV, restaurants and other places of lamps and lanterns are the custom, the designers design scheme, because the conventional can't meet the scene environment lighting, lamps and lanterns and lamps and lanterns of non-standard custom can create a romantic and warm lighting effects, is also very accord with guest's taste. Zhongshan zhongshan lamps factory ( Lamp act the role ofing) Co. , LTD. The main production of non-standard custom lighting and light and decoration art lighting, lamps and lanterns of zhongshan factory has advanced production equipment, perfect testing means and quality assurance system. Since the company since its establishment, we has to undertake the domestic hotels hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of customized non-standard customized lamps and lanterns, non-standard production projects, such as the international hotel, ka wah hotel, houjie town, dongguan, houjie, dongguan wanda, diaoyutai state guesthouse, hotel, Shanghai east hotel, Beijing central Treasury building, intercontinental sanya haitang bay, chenzhou mangshan forest forest hot spring tourism resort, the world trade center in Shanghai, sheraton hotel in xiamen, hangzhou, yunnan baiyao pharmaceutical factory zhengda new century hotel, panyu star river hotel, Oriental ginza pullman hotel in shenyang and so on. Zhongshan lamps factory in Cambodia west port recently completed a hotel non-standard custom engineering project, the following will give you look at the hotel lighting installation rendering.

non-standard custom also is very pick manufacturer of lamps and lanterns, zhongshan lamps factory is a professional hotel lamps and lanterns of custom design, production, installation and after-sales service in the integration of non-standard custom manufacturers. Zhongshan lamps factory has a modern standard workshop, professional design and construction team, form a complete set of hotel of non-standard custom experience for many years, large non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns is custom experience. The following simple tell you about some non-standard custom the skills of lamps and lanterns, for reference only.

first, before the hotel non-standard custom, considering the weight and power of lamps and lanterns, safety first.

in the second place, we in the hotel of non-standard custom, lamps and lanterns choosing material and size, the material has direct impact on the local climate temperature, the size of the lamps and lanterns, of course, according to the area size proportion, which makes space more harmonious.

third, choose the light source also need good before some brand, some good brand often can guarantee the quality of the guarantee the life of the light source and light efficiency. And also can bring good lighting effect. So, we in the hotel of non-standard custom, not keen on gaining petty advantages to choose those lights, low price, the most good or choose those brand, here recommend the making craft of zhongshan lamps lighting brand are guaranteed.
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