Clean and maintain, wrought iron chandelier, matters needing attention

by:Rongde     2020-08-07
Now so many hotels in the world, institutions place such as the lobby, families can often see, wrought iron chandelier, can be said to be the preferred choice of many occasions decoration accessories and lighting. Now the domestic many families also chooses, wrought iron chandelier to decorate their houses, luxury is more valuable, lamp act the role ofing is tasted, decorate in the selection, wrought iron chandelier, at the same time, is also a is you worry about maintenance problems about wrought iron chandelier. So the use of wrought iron lamp and matters needing attention you understand? Follow the below small make up take a look at! Dark outfit, wrought iron chandelier and heating attachment non-combustible material must be used around the dark outfit, wrought iron chandelier and fever around the attachment application non-combustible material ( Asbestos board or asbestos cloth) Good fireproof and heat insulation processing, installation conditions do not allow, should brush fire retardant coating with combustible material. Try not to switch repeatedly when applying modern lamps and lanterns, this will greatly reduce the use of modern lamps and lanterns. Enduring modern manufacturer of lamps and lanterns should pay attention to color different class of lamps and lanterns of modern life are also different. Although not highlight the differences between middle and high class, high low quality differences between is obvious. Especially in use after a period of time, wrought iron chandelier, if found on both ends of the lamp is not bright, lamp aglow, tube black or dark, should be timely replacement bulbs. Replacement bulbs, light source parameters must be the same with the original pipe completely. Otherwise, not only the luminous efficiency is lower, such as ballast burn out unsafe phenomenon, but also because of the lights flashing, hurt people's eyes. We are cleaning maintenance, wrought iron chandelier, at ordinary times should pay attention not to change its structure, more can't literally change, wrought iron chandelier parts. After the clean maintenance, will be as-is, wrought iron chandelier installed, don't packing, wrong, wrought iron chandelier parts. Pay special attention to the point that, before cleaning and maintenance, wrought iron chandelier must do remember to cut off, so you can avoid dangerous situation!
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