Classified according to its structure, shape and so on to buy

by:Rongde     2020-08-15
Iron chandelier on price is relatively cheap, and because of its material properties, wrought iron with strong plasticity, easy modeling and light weight, but because of the chemical property of iron, and iron lamp technology is relatively simple, so make easy to react with the air bulb, and there will be a rusty phenomenon, so as to shorten the service life of the cast iron lamp. Made from zinc alloy and copper lamp more texture. However, zinc alloy, the formation of the whole, or a combination of multiple parts, mould cost is relatively high, and the relatively smooth surface, but if you want to complete design effect, it is better than copper. Copper material is typically used for surface treatment, dyeing dewaxing and grinding can be used for parts. Clearer, design, exquisite and delicate, especially the effect of copper color natural color, looks very high-grade. In terms of the bars on the market, wrought iron chandelier, can according to its structure, shape, etc. According to the structure, it can be divided for embossing and embedded; According to the shape, spherical, circular, square, diamond, olive shape and vertical flower shape, etc. The chandelier has many design of the bar, candlestick chandelier are also popular. Therefore, before the choose droplight, you can determine the required style. If you want to decorate a house during the day, please choose some more beautiful and colorful color, to make your surroundings more vivid. Bar chandelier, wrought iron chandelier, pendant reflects sunlight into the house, and will shed light on the floor. In this way, becomes a dreamy warm night, night and day, day and night. The chandelier small bar itself is a beautiful scenery.
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