Choose to absorb dome light sitting room size requirements?

by:Rongde     2020-09-07
Now many families prefer to work with dome light as a sitting room lamp, there is no denying that an appropriate of sitting room absorb dome light can be the icing on the cake, whole home outfit can not only satisfy the basic lighting, can foil and warm atmosphere, but choose to absorb dome light sitting room size requirements, you know?

the sitting room is adsorbed on the ceiling directly absorb dome light, the light is generally downward projection, so should choose astigmatism or general lighting model. Another important thing is to consider the lighting area, for example: if the area around 15 square meters space, so should choose to absorb dome light sitting room is preferred in 40 cm in diameter, if in 20 - area 35 square meter, should select 60 - diameter 70 cm is more appropriate, if it is a larger space, Suggestions can choose to install multiple absorb dome light, with a lighting model.

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