Chinese style dome light usually how to remove?

by:Rongde     2021-01-24
Chinese absorb dome light, there are many types of different shapes, the removal methods of lamps and lanterns there is some difference. The lighting is the author of several representative is introduced. Embedded absorb dome light, for example, many people think that this kind of dome light of disassembly are complex, and it's not so, as long as mastering skills can also be very good removed, careful observation can be found to have a spring clip it gets stuck, as long as it have to do is break down, prior to this, of course, be sure to turn off the power supply. 1 square dome light, remove the square dome light at the time of installation is usually fixed directly to the ceiling or the outside of the ceiling is can't see the nut fixed, so when removing is complicated. Should take the lampshade, square dome light shade from the four corners of his, with suction glass dish wash dish, suck on the edge of aluminum alloy parts, slowly down. 2, crystal absorb dome light, remove the crystal absorb dome light prices are relatively expensive, basically, many owners will install it in the living room or bedroom. Crystal parts above will have a lot of crystal or glass dome light, when disassembling crystal absorb dome light to all the accessories to tear open come down to first, then take off the tubes, and finally to suck in particular come down. We all his life, to do the common things good we, with the same spirit of craftsmen opened new journey - - - - - Lighting more lighting design can directly to lamp act the role ofing exhibition site to choose, welcome the arrival of a friend
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