Buy ordinary crystal lamp or low voltage crystal lamp?

by:Rongde     2020-10-01
Crystal lantern fair play, with all kinds of crystal lamp, low voltage crystal lamp is one of them. So, when the new home is decorated, should choose what kind of crystal lamp? What is the difference between them?

what is the low voltage crystal lamp

general crystal lamp adopts high power bulb and with large sets of chimney, through many lights, crystal lamp adornment effect, relative to the installation of 220 v ordinary crystal clear bulb lamp, low voltage crystal lamp can convert voltage 220 v to 12 v low voltage, lighting and decorative function, and to a certain extent, reduce the risk of electric shock.

what's the low voltage crystal lamp for

low crystalline light took now very popular technology, LED energy-saving lamps and tube has good energy saving effect, can save electricity. And radiation tubes, less people in under the irradiation of crystal lamp for a long time will not be affected by light pollution. But low crystalline light on the transformer and the demand is higher, lamp holder and maintenance difficult than ordinary crystal lamp, so when the choose and buy, should choose the lamps and lanterns of high quality, in order to reduce maintenance troubles in the future.

choose low voltage crystal lamp or ordinary crystal lamp

LED crystal lamp is one of the features of low voltage lights, it can build a kind of if the shadow if now leisure and quiet; And low crystalline light produced by the crystal, various accessories and integral aesthetic feeling is stronger, texture fully; Comprehensive above, low voltage crystal droplight than ordinary crystal chandeliers in the aspect of energy conservation and environmental protection, aesthetic feeling and atmosphere build advantage prominent, but the quality of the demand is higher, more trouble later maintenance; So, in the long run, low voltage crystal light is worthy of amway, specific how to choose, depends on individual.
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