Buy cloth to cover the whole copper lamp to teach you how to match the chimney

by:Rongde     2020-09-22
In decorating a room in the process, the light nature is essential. Household whole copper lamp when the choose and buy, in addition to pay attention to whether all copper lamp design and color with room style is tie-in, especially pay attention to the choice of the lampshade, lamp shade collocation can make the room good taste up a level.

a, first to learn about the role of the lampshade:
(1) keep out light, avoid the light immediate illuminate is in the eye, cause dizziness.
(2) the protective effect, can prevent the dust, soot, so as to prolong the service life of the bulb.
3. Adornment effect, the color of the chimney and modelling collocation is good also can become a bedroom one scene.
(4) is not only a cover on the lamp chimney together in order to make the light effect, can prevent to get an electric shock the

2, for the choice of the lampshade mainly is to look at the personal interest and the condition of the bedroom.

q: how to choose the right chimney?

method one: coordinated color with metope color lampshade. Such as milk yellow metope with yellow lampshade, appear warm and coordination; Sky-blue metope deserves to go up the chimney of a pale blue, looks bright and pure and fresh.
method 2: color lampshade and metope color use contrasting colors, because the chimney is compared commonly small, outstanding, the choice of contrasting colors will make feel sense of jumping. When choosing lampshades, consideration is to be coordinated with the color of the base. If match with color or dark brown shade of dark red base, such a body. Here does not advocate using contrasting colors, such as with contrast color can let a person feel light in two.

lighting effects should be considered when buying lampshade with lampshade color is harmonious, will turn on the light, lamp shade color change. So when use, must open the light to watch effect, to decide whether to buy. And the shape of the lampshade, agree with the integral style of the room, can appear otherwise acosmia feeling, let a person feel uncomfortable.

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