Bring the ornament style decorating household, wrought iron chandelier for northern Europe

by:Rongde     2020-08-28
House is building is cold, the home is a sense of belonging, is material necessities, is three meals a day, is a warm bed, is the voice of the washing machine rotation, is light a lamp. About the Nordic style decorating, specific decorate still depends on your own preferences, but the Nordic style is contracted, the modern European style. The mass-tone attune, the Nordic style decorating is generally white is given priority to, choose simple is better. To remove furniture is the most important metope adornment, furniture is chosen, it is very simple because it is over, so I can do some appropriate on wall decoration, so as not to appear in the Nordic style decorating is too drab, can choose a few small items with the Nordic style to an ornament, such as wooden wall shelf, and small sculpture creative to deserve to act the role of. Such a simple hard outfit domestic design company completely don't have to do business. Second, the Nordic is specializes in soft outfit interior designers, and domestic consumers are unlikely to have now is willing to pay someone to help you pick decoration, and teach you how to decorate the house. A nest watching area is not large, whole decorate really spent a lot of state of mind, especially in the choice of lamps and lanterns, I hesitated for a long time. Because home is the Nordic decorate a style, first is to choose the lamps and lanterns of northern Europe a bit wooden material, feel that will compare with our overall style is tie-in, chose a few, but feel good is good, but always feel lack of something, but want to use, wrought iron chandelier, but is worried about wrought iron chandelier is European style, style with me don't match, reasoning is finally selected, wrought iron chandelier, did not expect effect unexpectedly, no don't match the feeling, also special show class, but also feel better. Generally choose yellow light, wrought iron chandelier, warm color, more emotional appeal, yellow light generally give a person a kind of warmth is more relaxed cozy feeling, can build a more comfortable environment. Most people would think that the white light on behalf of the light to make people feel more spirit, but the relative lack of warm feeling. If your house daylighting, not so enough, can choose white, so that the light is enough, also not depressed.
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