Before only play the role of household lighting lamps and lanterns

by:Rongde     2020-08-14
, wrought iron chandelier, shape and grade of the choice decorates sitting room lamps and lanterns should consider and sitting room atmosphere of harmony, and strive for elegance and luxury. The sitting room is the appearance of the family, lamp act the role ofing is too ordinary may fail to offer you the adornment of the emotional appeal and a little bit shabby, too luxury is likely to make the visiting people have too much psychological pressure, put don't open hands. , wrought iron lamp manufacturers sitting room adornment lamps and lanterns of choose and buy method, pointed out that in terms of shape and grade of the sitting room is main lighting not only not too dark, also can not dazzling and dazzling, when less people sitting room, can turn off the main light, in addition to open a wall lamp. The advantages of traditional Chinese compound floor of sitting room droplight, although from the appearance of the above Chinese traditional ou so luxuriant droplight do not have wealth, but also very have their own characteristics, especially if decorate a style is most at home in annatto furniture is given priority to, then install a Chinese style chandelier will make the finishing point effect, let originally depressing dignified decoration layout is nifty and a few minutes. Lamps and lanterns in the play the role of home lighting, just before now as people aesthetic gradually enhanced, lamp act the role ofing has also played a decorative role, so now see household act the role ofing, there are a lot of various styles and shapes of lamps and lanterns, lamp act the role ofing also have certain of feng shui. Droplight group general pluralize: every droplight should have switch, so you can according to the light of the need to develop smaller or larger space. From a physical for special attention to is: droplight of good into the number, the choose and buy three or five lamp lights as well. Wrought iron chandelier process is different, but, wrought iron has rusty problem. In order to avoid the occurrence of rust situation, generally on the surface, wrought iron lamps and lanterns, in order to keep the decorative coating ( Plating) The adhesion strength of the surface layer and wrought iron products are good, must be painted, Plating) 。 Even so, when we were in daily use American, wrought iron chandelier or to pay attention to the problem of rust and rust removal. Wrought iron chandelier with retro feeling, no matter in what kind of decorate a style, can perfect fusion. Wrought iron chandelier joker sex, make its success to win the love of all.
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