Be careful! ! ! The three areas of the glass dome light do not free to choose

by:Rongde     2020-09-12
Glass dome light is very common in the home, bedroom, hallway, porch is ubiquitous. Everyone will find the glass dome light very joker, check all can, if you think like this, you are wrong, today to tell you the glass dome light don't check all three regions.

one important place, the bedroom is people rests, in order to create a better environment of sleep, suggestion choice can intelligent control of the glass dome light, convenient to switch and choose warm light source at the same time.

2, toilet when choose to absorb dome light, be sure to consider to choose moisture-proof glass dome light, because usually bathe the fog is bigger, avoid light is wet. In addition to choose good sex of pervious to light glass dome light, toilet on the brightness of the light relative to other places.

3, the kitchen is mainly used for cooking, in order to more clearly see food, also need to choose the glass dome light high brightness, can choose white light source during installation. Also the installation of a good waterproof performance suitable glass dome light is recommended.

to sum up the above the glass dome light of the three area is not free to choose, the collocation of casually, at the same time is a dedicated manufacturer of copper lamp to 18 years in all, if you want to know more information about the glass dome light can call:.

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