Attention all copper floor lamp of choose and buy

by:Rongde     2020-09-24
A floor lamp full copper is decorated in the sitting room and rest area, not only can satisfy the room local lighting and garnish with the demand of the family environment, if used with sofa, tea table, can make whole room is full of sweet a pavilion of the atmosphere. So when choosing the copper floor lamp we need how to choose more suitable.

a, want to consider the height of smallpox
1. , 1, 70 metres. 80 - meter - high copper floor lamp, for example, all the ceiling height in 2. More than 40 m effect is better, if the ceiling is too low, the light can only focused on the local area, will make the person feels soft light too bright enough.

2, lighting effect all copper floor lamp is straight type believe everyone familiar with the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, there is no difficulty of choose and buy. But beware, chimney along the should be lower than the eyes, so you don't make eye discomfort with the illuminate of light bulbs. In addition, too much contrast can increase indoor light load. When used as direct as light line, should be avoided in the reading position near the mirror and glass products, lest cause discomfort to glance.

3, considering from domestic outfit style
if you are in full copper floor lamp of choose and buy when also want to go further, at this moment, want to consider all the copper floor lamp and the consistency of the household whole style. For example a thick blood stone, establish noble classical lamp and the yuppie style streamlined modern furniture is opposite.

select all the benefits of copper floor lamp:

(1) the whole copper floor lamp used for local lighting, not comprehensive, and emphasize the convenience of mobile, for corner atmosphere build very practical. If all copper floor lamp lighting way directly downward projection, suitable for need concentration of activities such as reading, if indirect lighting, can adjust the light of whole change. All copper floor lamp chimney should be from the ground 1 below. More than 8 meters.

(2) full copper floor lamp generally put in the corner sofa, whole copper floor lamp of downy lamplight, watch TV in the evening, the effect is very good.

pure copper floor lamp shade material variety, consumers can choose according to his be fond of. Many people like to take small table-board all copper floor lamp, because can put fixed telephone small table.

, attentively complete lamp!
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