Attention about crystal chandelier is introduced

by:Rongde     2020-08-09
LED crystal light main material are crystal, so when choosing the type of lamps and lanterns of its crystal material is carefully selected, at present, the crystal lamps and lanterns USES more on market is natural crystal, crystal, glass with lead crystal, glass, crystal, etc. , the grade of the material difference is big, the price also have difference. In general, the high quality crystal glittering and translucent get rid of its surface, and the luster bright, feels very smooth and has a cold, so the LED lights installed in the sitting room can illuminate in crystal material is qualitative soft surface light reflex, make whole household lights more soft and comfortable, but at present there are many fake crystal in the market of lamps and lanterns, so small make up recommend you still choose droplight factory regular brand manufacturers to purchase, and the view is its brand logo to check its authenticity. Droplight factory talk about crystal chandelier note: A, do not rotate the light body: when clean lamps and lanterns, not to rotate the light body. Some people in order to avoid moving, like spin in the other side of the lamp body is wiped, it can cause torque to the teeth, teeth caused by loose, caused serious pendant lamp. B, check the connection parts: should check the link of lamp body firmly at the same time, found that the screw loose to conveniently tighten and sliding tooth dangerous spiral of the should be replaced immediately, to ensure safety. C, keep the bead string flat: clean strings ( Especially the upper and lower Seine part) Beads found distorted ( With spring button round or oval, easy to appear the phenomenon) Should be adjusted to flatten effect; If it is a 'hook' with flat series, pay attention to the same button on the front of the outwards, looking inward, to beautiful, unified. Crystal lamp is made of artificial crystal, appearance is very high, gorgeous, modelling also is very unique. In people's eyes as a symbol of purity, crystal and crystal lamp represents the light and hope. So have a beautiful and noble crystal lamp has been praised by customers.
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