Article explicates the tin of copper solder glass lamp secret ingredients

by:Rongde     2020-09-21
All copper solder lamp mainly brass, glass as the main materials, tin bar in the middle will play a role as adhesive, the stand or fall of article tin use of copper solder glass lamp of the final product quality and artistic effects is very big. Before a lot of people are paying attention to the quality of the soldering tin article is, the problem such as solder leveling beautiful, very few people pay attention to problem of ingredients article tin, tin article composition problem is the greatest influence on the health and well-being of people. At present the main market is divided into article lead-free tin tin and lead, the main difference is the problem of lead. Lead is harmful to people's a substance that has a very big influence on people's health, especially for children, now news often report the problem of lead poisoning.

lead-free tin of the characteristics of the pure manufacturing, moisture resistance, good liquidity, easy on the tin. Bright spot, as well as the full, not empty welding phenomenon. Add plenty of anti-oxidation elements, antioxidant ability. Pure tin, tin slag, reduce unnecessary waste. Lead-free solder article conforms to the RoHS standard, safety index is higher.

so why still have a factory in manufacture the copper solder glass lamp using leaded solder bar? This is because the article lead tin is much cheaper than the article contains no lead tin, these manufacturers in order to save costs, using lead soldering tin manufacture the bronze glass lamp, can imagine as a result, all the cost of the copper solder glass lamp down, sell cheap. But the whole copper solder glass lamp used for a long time can produce harmful substances, volatile influence family healthy body, so everyone in the whole copper solder glass of choose and buy when the lights don't covet price cheap, and cause a greater loss.

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