Analyze household crystalline light crystal chandelier factory general selection of materials

by:Rongde     2020-08-29
Home droplight categories: divided into round ball, hemispherical, oblate, flat round, square, rectangle, lozenge, triangle, conical, olive shape and flower etc. According to the structure of the dome light, divided into embossed type and embedded two kinds. Domestic lamps factory common chandeliers are continental candlestick droplight, Chinese style droplight, crystal droplight, parchment lamp, droplight, conical cover lanterns, fashion pointed flat hood lanterns, lanterns, waist cover five fork ball droplight, yulan cover lanterns, olives, chandeliers, etc. In addition, according to the number of lamp holder is divided into single head droplight, double, three top and so on, generally use the bull droplight sitting room, lobby, it can achieve a better decorative effect, and single head droplight is used commonly in the bedroom, dining-room space, etc. Droplight factory crystalline light there are several types: natural crystal -cutting modelling droplight, heavy lead low lead crystal crystal droplight of blow molding, blow molding chandelier crystal intermediate shape chandelier, crystal pendant, crystal droplight die cutting modelling droplight, crystal droplight bar, etc. Crystalline light on the market at present mostly made from imitated crystal, but used by imitated crystal material is qualitative different, good quality of crystal lamp is made of high-tech materials, and some shoddy crystalline light even with plastic as imitated crystal material, smooth shadow effect nature is very poor. So, when buying must carefully, carefully identify. The service life of the different class of crystalline light is also different. Although not highlight the differences between middle and high class, high low quality differences between is obvious. Consumer is when the crystalline light of choose and buy should first look at its colorful effect, and then take a look at its gold-plated layer, generally more high-grade metal parts for 24 k gold plating, this gold-plated years will not change color, also won't rust, cheap, short of this effect, two or three months you will lose its original color. Low crystalline light after a period of time, the color will be dark, stents appear rust, while upscale two or three years or longer will not change color. Hanging from the chandelier rattled these little thing are not only decorative, but the reflection of lights, a good way to make public indoor bright. These crystal pendant is made from natural crystal, artificial crystal or glass can be made.
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