Analyses the sitting room all copper chandelier is decorated in the family of feng shui

by:Rongde     2020-09-18
And feng shui for lighting and decorative three aspects to consider, such as the lighting in the sitting room is no longer limited to the past 'a room lamps and lanterns, besides the choice in many domestic act the role ofing use a classic of the sitting room all copper chandelier to decorate the whole sitting room also chose many auxiliary lighting lamps and lanterns is how to get used to the sitting room of flood lighting all copper chandelier, and used for local lighting, special lighting wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp and so on use of feng shui match reasonably, build a balance of Yin and Yang feng shui pleasant light space, become the modern people to renew the idea of feng shui.

from the picture, there are many different styles and materials classification of lamps and lanterns, household door to the east, south, southeast toward the house is suitable for the sitting room all choose their shape, rectangle copper chandelier, and light bulb number mantissa is auspicious to 1, 2. Household door to the west, north, northwest toward the house suits to choose cylindrical, circular, droplight metal frame of the sitting room, and the number of bulbs mantissa auspicious for 6, 8. Household door to southwest, northeast toward the house is suitable for select the square lamp box, blister box of lamps and lanterns, and the light bulb number mantissa with 4, 9 for good luck.

have a Yin and Yang of the use of a living room full copper chandelier, learning from the color of light and shade to belong. Such as sitting room and porch to Yang, the placement of the lamp of the sitting room should be high enough, bright light scattered in the sitting room, if the light source is more, should try to use the same element of sitting room lamp to keep the overall style of coordinated. If sitting room area is larger lighting can be used to solve the division.

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