American whole copper chandelier should be how to match?

by:Rongde     2020-09-24
Often have customers ask, all copper pendant tie-in how should do? Now people life is becoming more and more modern, domestic outfit is also keep up with the trend of The Times. Many customers are fond of American domestic outfit style, so the question comes, what should American full copper chandelier sitting room collocation is just right? Today let's simply say.

the first is our living room, when it comes to the sitting room a lot of people will say, according to the height, the sitting room area, and so on. In fact this is not wrong, it is important to match the size. But today we mainly said is the collocation of color and style. If the sitting room is relatively small, decoration should not be too complicated, try to choose simple collocation, looks simple, generous, the vision can give you a feeling of sitting room is not small, so the living room lights, but also to the pursuit of simple beauty, little sitting room is not too much adornment, the nature is a big American living room lamp decoration of the window. Color collocation is very important, generally choose the sitting room of warm color department is joker, is also the best warm white light, the light soft, the sitting room also foil more warmth.

and then there is the bedroom, the bedroom, can choose and the same series of sitting room, choose small specification, if the room is bigger, can match a few auxiliary lights, wall lamp, for example, the desk lamp of the head of a bed. The bedroom should choose help sleep, nature is not too dazzling light, partial soft, can also be a little bit darker the color of the light.

the following is the restaurant, the restaurant's lamp pay attention to is the atmosphere. We are picking up American meals chandeliers, you can choose the chimney down small droplight. Meals chandeliers of color can choose some spray yellow effect of restoring ancient ways, or American pastoral wind meals chandeliers, do not need too bright light, warm yellow light is a good choice, believe that will give you the whole meal time to add another kind of feeling!

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