American type lamps and lanterns of choose and buy four tips not to be missed

by:Rongde     2020-09-06
American main characteristics of lamps and lanterns is simple, elegant, very suitable for small space household style, so now a lot of small family family will choose it. Correct choose and buy method is helpful for people to choose more appropriate American lamps and lanterns.

1. American lamps and lanterns is in the majority with linen cloth lamp shade, and high quality of the surface of the lamp shade lines even, soft and fine and smooth, juncture place no outcrop, not too wide in light when tapping light heavy stick.

2. The lamp body surface should be smooth level off, the surface without trachoma, color processing to uniform flow, so that seems to have a good sense.

3. Check whether American lamps and lanterns to work fine, have without 3 c certification marks, the pros and cons of the quality of lamps and lanterns is directly affect the service life of lamps and lanterns.

4. See after-sale protection, because many businesses are now only the pursuit of the interests of the eyes, don't pay attention to user experience, there are no guarantee the after-sales service, so the lamps and lanterns should notice when American lamps and lanterns of choose and buy not only at the same time also should pay attention to product quality after-sales service, in case problems appeared in the process of lamps and lanterns is in use in the future can get timely and effective solution.

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