All the kinds of copper solder lamp glass were analyzed

by:Rongde     2020-09-19
All copper solder glass lamp is mainly made up by copper and glass, copper and glass is the main material, most people are focusing on the composition and content of copper, but few people pay attention to the copper solder glass lamp in the glass. Glass is very large, the effect of all types of copper solder lights in the glass is very much, the thickness of the glass, pervious to light, refractivity and many other factors will effect on the copper solder glass lamp has a great influence. The following is a brief introduction of several common glass.

clear transparent glass light: this is one of the most common, its characteristics fully clear, the transmission of light is very good.

acid frosted glass, ground glass is on the basis of transparent glass processed together, its characteristic is hazy feeling, it passes the light is downy, some do pickling yellow glass, the glass is more classical flavor, taste of ascension.

water lines glass: as the name implies its characteristic like lake water lines, brilliant light passes, the injection of light and water lines, having a unique style.

diamond glass: a diamond glass surface is uneven, mostly into irregular geometry. Glass is a kind of process precision, grade and chic.

glass bubble: bubble glass is on the basis of transparent glass, from the surface looks like there are a lot of irregular small bubbles, is very interesting, feel like a fish spit bubbles in water.

ice glass, ice glass look feel like irregular large ice crystals, embossed like winter window condenses into natural white ice.

tiffany glass: tiffany is a very unique high glass, full of copper solder glass lamp for white-yellow variety and white, with the most ancient very much.

the copper solder glass lamp is a very noble lamps and lanterns, its material and process is to be reckoned with, each kind of material and every process is very strict.

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