All four different copper chandelier lamp shade parsing

by:Rongde     2020-08-31
Crystal copper chandelier all
is characterized by rich, luxurious, atmosphere, transparent crystal to build a kind of elegant feeling, light is suitable for European style decoration.

cloth art full copper chandelier:
cloth art full copper chandelier is concise and lively, fresh and natural, suitable for personality fit young family of literature and art.

marble full copper chandelier:
said to marble lamp you can think of solemn and elegant, these adjectives usually European marble lamp suitable for knowledge and high income people, and the room with larger area, such as: large hotels, high-grade villas, senior clubs, etc.

all copper chandelier glass:
glass full copper chandelier is simpler, and more common, affordable and very joker, the sitting room the bedroom can be installed.

, attentively complete lamp!

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