All copper lamps and lanterns of maintenance knowledge

by:Rongde     2020-09-10
Literally, the entire copper lamp is one of the prestigious lighting in the history of varieties. From European Renaissance period, until now, he is still in its pound, solemn temperament and a historical massiness, occupying the indispensable status in lighting products. All copper lamp after hundreds of years of development, the production process through many dangers, the designer's work to today, is flourishing. On the basis of the copper pieces joined the crystal, ceramic, glass, stone, cloth art and other elements, so its maintenance and maintenance, also need some more professional knowledge and skills.

copper lamp maintenance and maintenance, all of them, and they must first started from the installation. Inside the lamp body with the power cord must be of good quality, and strong durability and insulation of wires and wire load should be greater than the current strength of the light, and in the light cover on yellow wire connection and bend pipe, wire after only in this way can likely put an end to aging, short circuit, avoid repair lamp rinou points on the lamp body structure damage, the preventive measures for all the copper lamp electrical part is also the important maintenance.

all copper lamp lights on the surface of the body surface maintenance is very important, in the space of installation of lamps and lanterns, as far as possible dry, ventilated, can't contact with acidic and corrosive liquid or gas, if the above two points can be done, after curing, basically with a clean, dry cloth can be solved. But all copper lamp applications, some will be installed in damp places such as restaurants, so often you need to clean it. For some slight corrosion, once found will be immediately with a clean, dry cloth to wipe it clean, can be used for some can't clear places such as cadbury bead, such as detergent to clean. But keep in mind that can't let it on the lamp body, so as to keep the lamp body is beautiful. For all the copper some crystal on the lamp, ceramic ornaments should use their own methods of curing processing ( In the previous related introduction) 。 General installation space of large copper lamp is higher, the lamp body structure is more complex, in the process of curing also need a lot of security measures, so have a qualified professional staff to deal with will be better.

a good light need good maintenance and maintenance, to make it reflect the value of it. Especially the copper lamp, if proper care, full copper lamp can show with new and more light is not the same as the flowery light.

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