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by:Rongde     2020-09-14
As is known to all, feng shui for refurbishing houses has played a very key factor. Because decorate feng shui layout is unreasonable, will can give a person very uncomfortable or would like to stay inside. So, everyone is very concerned about family problems. Tend to be above the whole bedroom layout. The vast majority of people, however, are often easy to overlook the indoor decorative lamps and lanterns of feng shui. Because they know very little, in living in adornment, proper layout decoration lamps and lanterns, household wealth has increased in kanyu study, reduce bad aura caused by dark area etc in the home. The author engaged in home decoration lamps for many years, with the domestic some well-known feng shui masters home into decorative light a feng shui layout problem conducted in-depth discussed. Now the author from the choice of household lighting design, the deployment of luminosity, selection of the number, the lamp is acted the role of evil spirit, etc. , explanation of how to use fengshui 'vision' to select and decorate household adornment lamps and lanterns.

a, light color is given priority to with warm color with proper white illuminant
according to feng shui masters, household is all about the five elements of the feng shui: dragon, hole, sand, water, to, as well as the door, room, kitchen, Kitchen) 。 According to this principle, decoration lighting lamps and lanterns should first pay attention to in the household of feng shui is light color, which have the color changes in temperature between the change of use. Color matching home five line focuses on the changes in temperature is tie-in, general is given priority to with sun be the spirit, that is, more warm light tonal give priority to, Such as warm white) , some auxiliary light cool color to move ( Such as the white light, etc. )

in everyday life we use morer light colour is generally divided into: red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, white, red, orange, Huang Guangyuan for warm illuminant, green, green, blue, purple, white illuminant for cold light source, the white light is our common incandescent light tube. Cold light source, give a person a kind of mystery, dreamy feeling. The warm light from the sun be the spirit ( Heating) Give priority to. Home decoration on the premise of large area mainly warm white light source of lamps and lanterns, surrounding with proper white illuminant, the most suitable for people to live.

in fact, according to the above principles, boils down to 'light and clear' four word. Such as the study should be enough, bedroom and kitchen light wants downy lamplight, paying special attention to, the light can't direct to the bed, because it is hard to fall asleep. In addition, household act the role ofing should not be commonly choose has drastically flashing red lights and neon lights for decoration, easy to cause anxious psychology.

2, decorative lamps and lanterns design better coordination with household design
in feng shui, in the decoration on the styles of lamps and lanterns choice not much limitations and are free to choose to suit oneself favorite style. The main principle is suitable for the style of whole bedroom for the principle. Such as better coordination with household design, lighting is a good choice to help.
as classical lamp act the role ofing, it has the classic lasting appeal, simple and has the connotation, the town's role, can help the business; Fashion lighting design, contemporary feeling strong, help others progress, push goods role; And showily lighting gorgeous and noble, generous, have the effect of is helpful in gas; Elegant luxury crystal lamp act the role ofing, a dazzling star, prosperous wealth effect, can be prosperous home aura.
in addition, there is also a feng shui master to think that there are two kinds of style in the home the lamp should not be commonly use. Of droplight is candlestick, this kind of lamp in kanyu study, known as 'Lord loss of elephants, especially white candle, because similar funeral rites are traditionally used white candles, so it's easy to bring home elders psychological shadow, which affects health. The second category is sagging pendant, because reducing the ceiling and the visual space of the ground, if set above the seat to sit bring heavy psychological distress, the bottom Angle is more bad.

3, decorative lamps and lanterns of layout and the evil spirit
tell from the Angle of fengshui, good lighting layout can have the effect of evil spirit. For example, because of the construction, very damp, dark corridor in the home. The person with cold feeling, and breeds a Yin qi. If this time we use a single long out red light in order to reduce its bad magnetic field.
in addition, some household environment, little not have 'lack of Angle. These places is also a no-no in fengshui. At this point, we should put some bright lamps and lanterns, here can play the role of 'margin.
there is a situation is, some structural beams can not through the home decorates to conceal. It virtually brings greater psychological pressure. If we were installed on both ends of the beam under the wall lamp, shone a light can reduce the psychological pressure on beams.

4, should normally on three lamp decoration lamps and lanterns in the home.
in general, there are three lights in the home should be normally on, to optimize home feng shui.
is the hall lights in the first place. The area in front of the big or the residence hall, its light help hall on the fortunes of the residence, after have the effect of common prosperity.
followed by pilot burner. Ever-burning lamps placed in household, namely the night lights, lighting in the family to sleep at night, after the activity in the home energy hit bottom. Lit the lamp, the use of both in and out at night lighting, can complement the energy in household again, keep it a certain level to rush in household.

the third is the money lamp, diagonal 45 degrees is that take the door on the integrity of the image of wealth, with light can make the family 'money' light.

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