All copper lamp manufacturers parsing common light source USES and characteristics

by:Rongde     2020-09-21
Q: all copper lamp manufacturers parsing common light source, what are the USES and features:

a: 1, the general lighting incandescent resolution ( The general common incandescent bulbs)
characteristics: good color rendering ( Ra = 100) And turn on the light is bright, can continuous adjustable light, simple structure, low cost, but life is short, light efficiency low.
use: bedroom, sitting room, lobby, guest rooms, shops, restaurants, walkways, conference room, courtyard.
method of use: lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamp, lamp, corridor lamp of the head of a bed.

2, halogen tungsten lamp analytic
fill gas contains some halogen elements or halide inflatable incandescent lamp. Has all the characteristics of general lighting incandescent lamp, luminous efficacy and life expectancy more than double higher than that of general lighting incandescent lamp, and small volume.
use: conference room, exhibition hall, sitting room, commercial lighting, television, stage, instrumentation, automotive, aircraft and other special lighting.

3, fluorescent analytic ( Commonly known as fluorescent lamp)
features: high light efficiency, long life, light color.
fluorescent ZhiGuanXing, ring, such as compact, application range is very wide range of energy saving lighting source.
ZhiGuanXing fluorescent lamp to replace incandescent lamp, energy saving 70 ~ 90%, long service life 5 ~ 10 times; To upgrade ZhiGuanXing fluorescent lamps and power saving 15 ~ 50%; Use compact fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent lamp, energy saving 70 ~ 80%, long service life 5 ~ 10 times; Purpose: road lighting, flood lighting, square lighting, industrial lighting, etc.

4, light-emitting diodes (leds) & ndash; LED resolution ( 发光二极管) The LED is the electroluminescent solid semiconductor light source.
features: high brightness point light source, the radiation of various colours and the white light, the light output (0 ~ 100% Electronic dimmer) , long life, impact and shock resistance, no ultraviolet ( UV) And infrared ( IR) Work under the radiation, low voltage, Security) 。

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