All copper lamp manufacturer to reveal copper aluminum casting process

by:Rongde     2020-09-19
As the name implies, casting copper process actually is to use the traditional foundry casting process to make the whole copper lamp accessories. In our country, this is a very old casting method. Speaking of has a long history can be traced back to thousands years ago, as to its origin and development history, is no longer here presented one by one. This article is only applied in the whole production process of copper lamp of copper aluminum casting process makes a brief introduction.

application of casting copper copper lamp accessories process, all of them, and of the production process can be briefly described by the following steps. First step: according to the object of copper lamp accessories or drawings, plaster or other materials carved first draw the original master pattern. The second step, clay or chemical binder and carefully chosen after sand mixed in certain proportion, besmear cover on the cavities, to its fully take the cavities inside out after solidification, get full copper lamp of cavity mould. The third step, the copper after high temperature melting into sand mould cavity, and treat copper after complete solidification and cooling the sand mould surface are removed. All copper lamp can be got foundry copper fittings. Behind this accessories, of course, also need to pass such as grinding, polishing process can be applied to all copper lamp in finished products.

in the whole copper lamp of casting copper fittings production process, there are several factors determine the quality of the casting copper fittings, first carved carving master's level, get more fine more lifelike sculpture master pattern, the better, so late to make a full copper lamp accessories, the better. Second, the degree of fine sand, and the proportion of mixed with clay or binder is to determine the full copper lamp fittings of its final make the decisive factor of quality. A third of the copper used in the discretion of the copper content is also a key factor.

bonded sand method according to the need to make all copper lamp with produce sand mould first, and then through the molding materials afterlife casting production need.

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