All copper lamp for the collocation of all kinds of decoration style

by:Rongde     2020-09-19
A lot of people talk about copper lamp is the first time think of all the American style of light, this is for all copper lamp the first reaction of the unconscious. Actually all copper lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns is very joker, China for thousands of years ago there is a precedent use full copper lighting lamps and lanterns, in the han dynasty has been a very brilliant, and mostly as a royal supplies. Also in the Renaissance in Europe is already popular, also mainly as a European royal products. So all the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns has been as a high-end brass. Many people think that all copper lamps and lanterns is only suitable for some decorate a style, Europe and the United States and other decorate a style to be look out, there will be little error, here are based on some decorate a style to simple analysis.

the European and American style: for European and American style lamps and lanterns, is a good match for the whole copper lamp, full copper lamp and full copper solder glass lamp is very suitable for, here unspecified said.

and the new Chinese style style: the traditional Chinese style style, as well as the new Chinese style style is now more popular for all copper lamp is very big, but for this, many manufacturers have introduced a series of Chinese style style lamps and lanterns. In is the basis of the same material and process, through strict careful design and appearance of the change and some new material, make whole copper lamps and lanterns of perfect collocation. In appearance to join the Chinese style element, material will use jade or ceramic material, etc.

modern style: a lot of people say modern style take full copper lamps and lanterns is awkward and difficult, but when choosing style can choose a few modelling concise full copper solder glass lamp, glass can choose clear light transparent and frosted simple processing, the choice of less complex and tedious shape.

it is simply introduced, and a lot of style can be subdivided out many small classification style, decoration or see individual be fond of and the designer's recommendation, I believe you can match the perfect household environment.

, attentively complete lamp!
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