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by:Rongde     2020-09-23
In China, introduced from abroad the whole copper solder glass lamp as the upstart lighting, with the improving of the Chinese economy, the high grade places and residential construction unceasingly, is gradually entering China's most upscale and wealthy residential building, in its classical and do not break luxurious style, decorated with myriad places, build a prosperous, romantic atmosphere with lights. But due to the lack of knowledge of quality identification of lamps and lanterns, could lead to a wealthy and respected you will be the businessman cheat, be unequal to sell and value too high price, or more cases have inferior quality products. Watching the huge cost of light after a period of time, all the copper solder glass lamp body appear problem, makes rich, and the pursuit of quality of the romantic life you can't get at the same time, must stand on a special worry thing, because a huge piece of art is rapidly depreciated but also unable to maintain its brilliant external image.

the market at present most of the copper solder glass lamp products inferior quality-high price is not a joke, and just who are easy to become a hero, to possess wealth, self-esteem, and the pursuit of people, met such a thing can only be said to be a tragedy, the only solution is to polish his eyes or find really trusted brand or manufacturer. As a 18 years full copper production experience manufacturers, are willing to prepare to buy copper solder glass lamp this kind of lamps and lanterns of top customers to provide quality identify knowledge, hope the Chinese quality is getting better and better. Here is divided into many ways, from macroscopic to microcosmic, from management to the production, to show the quality of the whole copper solder glass lamp. Ou all copper solder glass lamp, took their cue from North America and Europe in the 19th century, the architecture of copper and art glass as the main material is completely handmade, contracted new classical style, the line is concise and lively, emphasis on freedom, peace, and integration. Designer in the process of making soldering lamp, not only emphasize the change of objective existence in the natural environment, and combined with human's rational thinking in it. The beauty of nature and human's passion for beautiful it is solder light shines, it shortens the distance between human and nature, also reflected the people return to nature of modern Jane European design concept.

we now European pure copper solder glass lamp with H62 brass, purity, flexibility is strong, strong corrosion resistance, the surface of the copper closed had shocked with oil, prevent oxidation.

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