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by:Rongde     2020-09-23
Is a factory specializing in the production of 'full copper lamps and lanterns, 18 years of experience in all copper lamp production and sales in addition to consumers to produce novel styles, quality assurance, fine workmanship of the products; For many consumers want to install the copper lamps and lanterns, listed several safety knowledge and correct home outfit.

all copper installation of lamps and lanterns is the most basic requirements must be strong. Lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns and the installation of the distance between shoulds not be too close to the installation of lamps and lanterns is too dense, can make the temperature of lamps and lanterns, thus make the temperature of the ballast is more than allowable range, lead to the ballast and bulb life expectancy, easily burning lamp holder or internal cracking of lamps and lanterns.

all copper installation position of lamps and lanterns should also avoid contact with curtains and other flammable items. Especially gas appliances such as above the temperature is very high, the copper lamps and lanterns should pay special attention to keep proper distance with heat source, such as in the kitchen, all the copper heat source, the installation position of lamps and lanterns distance should be more than 1 m.

your install all copper lamps need to master the following the main point:

1. Indoor wall lamp, bedside lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, lens headlight lamps and lanterns, the height is lower than 2. All 4 meters and below, copper lamps and lanterns of the shell are connected to reliable, to ensure the safety in use.

2. Toilet and kitchen with short footlights head, appropriate USES ceramic screw short footlights head. Screw base line connection, phase ( Switches lines) Keep on the center of contact terminals, zero line on the screw terminal. Desk lamp, etc with a switch lamp holder, for the sake of safety, handle should not be bare metal parts. Decorative hanging ceiling installation of lamps and lanterns, according to the requirement of the lighting installation instructions for installation. Weight more than 3 kg, lamps and lanterns should adopt embedded hook or directly from the roof with bolts fixed installation (steam-water Can't install lamps and lanterns with a lift counter ceiling keel support) 。 Wires from the socket boxes used hose protection to the lamp, prevent lead exposed in the ceiling.

, attentively complete lamp!
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