All copper lamp dustproof oil removal has a coup

by:Rongde     2020-09-25
Near year, everybody wants to have a new look to greet the New Year, home gradually started to purge the lamps and lanterns of home, of course, is not to ignore, usually is to make people annoyed some dust oily be soiled, full copper lamp dustproof oil removal small make up teach you a few action here.

1. When clean all copper lamp bulb if at the same time do a good job, 'dust' so can keep longer some cleaning results. Can be about a beer bottle of vinegar into half water, smooth hind with the hand, the soft dishcloth bubble in water, vinegar after unscrew to wipe bulbs, not only can let the brightly lit, and stained with dust prevention role.

2. Room full of copper lamp light wall should often use dry cloth to wipe, and pay attention to prevent moisture intrusion, lest in the long run, the phenomenon of the corrosion damage not beautiful; In the whole copper of toilet lamp shall be equipped with moistureproof lamp shade, otherwise will shorten the service life.

3. The whole copper lamp in the kitchen usually easy to stain the oil dirties, and not easy to erase. You can try the following method: can be heated in the microwave oven with a dish of vinegar, then dip in with soft cloth with hot vinegar is wiped, so the copper lamp oil dirties would have collapsed.

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