All copper lamp daily maintenance and clean, you know?

by:Rongde     2020-09-15
In the whole copper lamp industry, whether it's for sellers or buyers, copper lamp as a whole has not just as a product of the lighting, it has become a more extent decoration and art, but most of the buyers to buy copper lamp at all tend to consider the maintenance to clean up the problems in the future. Yes, all copper lamp is like our car, need to care for daily maintenance to more bright eye, more long life. Today the whole lamp teach everyone how to maintain clean the whole copper lamp clean to make it more beautiful.

all copper lamp maintenance is divided into two aspects: one is when install the other is the daily clean

one, before installing the full copper lamp first wax on the metal of copper lamp position, its purpose is to let the wax filled copper capillary, prevent their formation with air convection, delay the aging of it so as to prolong the service life of the copper lamp.

2, in a part of the daily cleaning glass lampshade can be lost or is a feather duster with dry dishcloth directly take lamps and lanterns on this dust above, cover internal dirt can be used cloth or eraser gently wipe clean, should pay attention to safety when take the lampshade, prevent other parts, for the whole copper lamp copper qualitative aspects in the market have a professional cleaning products & quot; Be 'can spray it directly on the rag scrub, its effect is equivalent to wax can keep the whole copper lamp looks more bright, also have played an important role in the maintenance. All cleaning and maintenance of copper lamp general advice in two or three months to clean once, in order to safety, remember to cut off the power when clean lamps and lanterns.

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