All copper lamp copper process

by:Rongde     2020-09-20
Copper is to connect all the copper lamp glass and an important part of a lamp body parts, also on the glass of the ornament. Copper bar of general process has four steps: open, roll groove, positioning, roll curve. For all copper lamp, generally speaking, the radian of copper bar is made of copper, in accordance with the corresponding bent into U, then the glass cover.

all copper lamp copper bar, typically by bending of the welding machine, so its radian yet precise measurement, nested directly to the chimney will have acosmia feeling. In nested up later, so we have to all copper lamp copper to knock the rework, in order to achieve the effect of the compact. Finished product after we have inspection on copper detail parts, take a look at the whole copper lamp structure is harmonious. Check points include:

1. Smooth surface, no bubbles, AoTuGan, no wrinkle

2. The outer level off, without folding the leakage phenomenon

3. Do manual work is compact, no running deviation phenomenon.

of course, want to make it an upscale atmosphere full of copper lamp, fluctuate in copper bar alone is not enough. Just, copper is to be able to reflect the full details of a standard copper lamp. Copper is good or bad, directly affect the whole structure of the whole copper lamp is beautiful, it is very proper interpretation of a word: detail decides success or failure!

, attentively complete lamp!
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