All copper lamp belt you know the Mediterranean style decorating matters needing attention

by:Rongde     2020-09-01
The Mediterranean that decorates a style loved by the people more and more nowadays, on the Mediterranean style decorating items do you know? Today by copper lamp belt you know all the Mediterranean style decorating considerations.

everybody knows especially Mediterranean style of a feature is color is rich, but suggested that the inside of the family main color had better not exceed 3 kinds of color, otherwise it will be a mess, give a person dazzling sense. You can choose the color you prefer to do, such as Greece's blue and white; Yellow, blue, purple and green in the south of France; The north African desert taupe and tones. This choice can make your home looks very stable, harmonious, decent.

vaulted cloister is an important expression of Mediterranean style, but in our domestic is unfit for too much exaggeration, as long as the point now, as an ornament. Mediterranean climate is hot summer and little rain, the winter warm, humid is not only for decoration, the main function of the cloisters is more important for ventilation, but we do not need too pay attention to the domestic climate is, as long as reasonable space arrangement.

the collocation of lights, material also should pay attention to unity. Because of the nature of this kind of style is close to nature, so a lot of material in mostly is relatively simple, restore ancient ways, pure, and so on the material of the straightforward and exquisite must pay attention to the collocation, primary and secondary when install the copper lamp pay attention to most lights should choose soft warm color tone, unfavorable choose too cold tonal. And best on modelling and furniture can mutual echo, make whole space more harmonious.

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