All copper half a chandelier lamp body structure briefly

by:Rongde     2020-09-13
All copper half droplight by inclined rod, the rod ( Straight rod) , midea, copper cover, stele, lantern wick, in particular, hangs Taiwan, chimney combination. All copper half the chimney of droplight and lantern wick is made up of inclined rod connections and the whole lamp.

before install the copper half droplight control installation manual, please check the accessories are important in good condition, confirm the parts can be installed after all copper half droplight. The specific steps are as follows:

1 and half, fixed the whole copper chandelier hangs Taiwan. Beforehand, take out all the copper half droplight match good hangs Taiwan, fixed on the ceiling. Pay attention fixed must not touch wires, otherwise it will result in circuit

about two and a half, assemble all the copper chandelier lamp wick - - - - Connection - - - - The particular of absorption with fixed on the flip chart - mother bald - - Try light

3 and a half, the whole copper with diagonal member droplight chimney and suck in particular connect

4, fitted with copper cap, beauty and other decorative accessories.

bulk products need to be controlled manual installation. Road all the teeth in the process of the lock is installed by the lock is not loose, not too against the lock. Suggest use 16 - M10 teeth 23 kg range between force, force 23 - M12 teeth Between 37 kg.

, attentively complete lamp!
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