All copper floor lamp maintenance tips, get up quickly!

by:Rongde     2020-09-10
When the home is decorated, in addition to install the light and bedroom lamp, at the same time also need to install some auxiliary lighting lamps and lanterns, such as choosing a floor lamp full copper placed in the corner, inside the bedroom not only have adornment effect, also very ornamental, can build the atmosphere that gives a warmth downy. Today, you give us the full copper floor lamp maintenance tips, you remember to collect oh!

a, moistureproof
the key step in the whole copper floor lamp maintenance is moistureproof, whether it's sitting room place, or the lamp of bathroom, bathroom and kitchen stove headlights, to install good moistureproof lamp shade, prevent moisture intrusion, to prevent the occurrence of corrosion damage or leakage of lamps and lanterns short circuit, etc.

2 and dust removal all copper floor lamp maintenance also often dust processing, especially the copper floor lamp chimney, chimney easily easily lead to accumulation of ash layer darkening, affect the lighting effect, so often should clean. Clean up all the copper floor lamp shade, with a clean a feather duster sweep off the dust off and gently remember don't be too strong, or you will make let chimney deformation. Disconnect power supply before cleaning maintenance, be careful not to alter the structure of light at the same time, also don't replace the lamp parts, at the end of the cleaning maintenance, should be the lamp installed according to the sample, don't packing, wrong installed lighting parts, so as not to cause dangerous.

3, do not frequently switch
when using full copper floor lamp do not frequently switch as far as possible, because the lamps and lanterns at the instant of the frequent start, through the filament current is greater than the normal work of electric current, the filament temperature rise sharply accelerated sublimation, which will greatly reduce its service life, this is all in the maintenance of lamps and lanterns should pay attention to the point.

the above about the three copper floor lamp maintenance skills everyone know whether, if you want to know more about all copper floor lamp of relevant information, please call the national free hotline:.

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