All copper european-style lamp optical performance requirements you know

by:Rongde     2020-09-23
Speaking of all the copper european-style lamp believe everyone will think of, the lamp is made of copper, are often put on the table. Actually such understanding is not wrong, the whole Europe type desk lamp is mainly used copper gives priority to material, the copper Europe type desk lamp is mainly placed on a desk or table, to be used for lighting. All copper european-style lamp light irradiation range is relatively small and concentrated, and thus will not affect the whole room light, limitations in the whole copper around Europe type desk lamp, easy to read, study and save energy.

so where are we going to buy copper european-style lamp is optional to buy a lamp back, just can be easy to read, study? No, all the copper since Europe type desk lamp is used for reading, learning, I will need to pay attention to it more influence of the vice do you bring to our eyes, if it is written all copper Europe type desk lamp in the normal working position, should pay attention to three points in optical performance requirements, such a rib to protect his eyes vision.

the first point: shading sex
one is under the condition of normal sitting position, eyes to the horizontal direction, should not see the copper european-style lamp chimney wall and light source

the second point: the desktop illumination
all copper european-style lamp work area should be lx - 250 500 lx, minimum intensity of illumination should be & ge; 120lx。

the third point: the intensity of illumination evenness
all copper european-style lamp shall ensure that the lamp of the work area, intensity of illumination is relatively uniform, do not produce special bright or dark spot.

only to ensure that the optical performance of the three basic requirements, in order to reduce the fatigue of eyes, can be called is a writing desk lamp. So everyone whether Europe type desk lamp, droplight, half in the purchase of copper chandelier, and other lamps and lanterns, can't see the beauty of appearance, just more attention should be paid to its effect and some functions.

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