All copper dome light to choose three points

by:Rongde     2020-09-06
All copper dome light is now very popular a kind of lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns is a joker, can be installed at the sitting room, bedroom, study, etc. Below small make up take you to understand the whole copper dome light to choose three main points.

a, security,
the entire copper dome light should as far as possible choose lamps are of good quality, and not easy to damage the qualitative material, especially families with children, in case of throwing toys smashed chimney, therefore to choose to choose the chimney more solid copper dome light.

2, pervious to light sex of lamps and lanterns of the main function is to provide people with a bright environment, so the lamp flame more uniform, the texture of the outer cover should have high pervious to light quality, and can't appear on light bulbs. Uneven material affects the brightness of the light, to eyesight also to have certain adverse effects, some poor pervious to light on the market of the dome light is beautiful, but influence the light, should not be so choose.

3, durability full copper dome light life another key factor, which tube is closely related to the quality and life of the rectifier, inferior lamp is easy to appear black phenomenon, affecting lamp lighting effect. Although energy-saving lamp tube used very common now, but it is important to note when buying the tubes and rectifier whether is normal manufacturer production.

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