All copper chandelier material preparation before installation and operation

by:Rongde     2020-09-02
All copper chandelier has the very high artistic value of collection and appreciation, nowadays many people home decoration can choose copper chandelier, but for the whole copper chandelier installed a lot of people don't know, here small make up to tell you the whole copper chandelier what materials need to prepare before installation.

( 1) All copper chandelier installation material preparation:

1) wood, aluminum, steel, etc. , these materials are mainly droplight support components.

(2) plastic, organic glass, glass spacers, outside decoration cover and cooling plate, copper plate, electrochemical aluminum used as decorative component.

3. Still need to use in the process of installation accessories are: screws, nails, rivets, lamps and lanterns of finished products, adhesives, etc.

all copper chandelier common installation tools: pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, saws, electric hammer, electric curve hand according to, ruler, paint brushes, etc. The structure layer connection

( 2) Operation method: main consideration of embedded parts and transition connection.

1) embedded in the structure layer of iron or wooden brick ( Except water brick bearing) 。 Embedding location should be accurate and should have enough to adjust to.

(3) transition piece is set on the iron and wood brick, so as to adjust the principle error, and can be worn with a nail, welding, twist.

3. Derrick, sling connected to transition fittings.

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