All copper chandelier installation step 6 easily calm

by:Rongde     2020-09-09
With the installation of lamps and lanterns should according to different kind, droplight, absorb dome light, wall lamp and so on has its own installation method, introduce below small make up the whole copper chandelier installation requirements and methods.

a, all the copper chandelier and accessories shall be complete, should be no mechanical damage, defects such as deformation, paint peeling and chimney rupture.

2, install lamps and lanterns on the metope of the condole top of the bearing capacity of fixed parts shall be the choice of all the weight of the brass chandelier.

3, all must be insulated copper chandelier surface is good, can not have connectors, wire section shall not be less than zero. Four square millimeter. Within the ceiling rose wiring should take measures to prevent thrum force make the lamps and lanterns is falling. Weight more than 1 kg of lamps and lanterns should set up the chain hoist, when droplight weighs more than 3 kg of lamps and lanterns, buries the hook should be adopted or fixed bolt way.

4, large complete copper chandelier frame should be parallel to the adornment of the ceiling line, the border of lamps and lanterns should be close to on the ceiling.

5, screw base line on the center of contact terminals, they can they can zero on the thread of the terminal, the insulation of the lamp shell should be complete, no damage and leakage phenomenon.

6, fixed copper chandelier hook, all of them, and its diameter should not be small Yu Quantong droplight link, and the diameter of the lamp minimum shall not be less than 6 mm.

, attentively complete lamp!
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