All copper chandelier crystal how to cleaning and maintenance?

by:Rongde     2020-09-07
Many customers in the choose and buy copper chandelier at all prefer to take the crystal decoration style, feel full copper chandelier with crystal light bright, dazzling, very beautiful. But time is long, found that cleaning is a problem, the dust on the crystal droplight not only affects the lamps and lanterns is beautiful, also affect the crystal refractive index, so take full copper chandelier crystal exactly how to cleaning and maintenance?

1, buy special crystal lamps and lanterns of cleaning agent, spray the crystal ornaments on the right amount of clean agent, crystal ball or crystal slice of fly ash will be taken as the liquid evaporated.

2, one by one down to crystal, dipped into the container filled with kerosene, then use a toothbrush gently dry crystal appearance, soften the appearance of dust slowly, after washing with washing powder crystal block. In addition, on the basis of the detailed crystal quality, do differently on running, there are some requirements only with antistatic dry cloth to wipe the dirt on the crystal. To avoid leaving fingerprints on the crystal, should wear white cotton gloves when cleaning the crystal.

3, also the most direct way is to let the master of professional cleaning lamps and lanterns for cleaning and maintenance.

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