Acrylic stand easy as time goes by and discoloration and yellowing

by:Rongde     2020-08-24
The installation of wrought iron chandelier need the height of the floor. If the floor height is not enough, the droplight of the effect is not ideal. When installation, the height of the ideal about 2 meters lower than the chandelier. Can be reduced to 1. 8 m. When buying chandeliers, therefore, must calculate the relationship between the height of the floor and the height of droplight. The design of the iron chandelier, shape and color style coordinated with interior decoration style. Usually, luxury and complex adornment style is suitable for the complex and colorful iron chandelier. Contracted the adornment style is more suitable for simple shape, colour is pure iron chandelier. Wrought iron chandelier, determine the specifications of the bulb, can begin to choose style. Before choose, wrought iron chandelier style, please check the scaffold materials. Currently, wrought iron lamp styles on the market basically is gold plated metal stents, PVC, acrylic holder and glass. Support is made from iron pendants. Although PVC stents will make iron lamp look more dazzling, but it may not strong enough or easy to break. Acrylic stand easy as time goes by and discoloration and yellowing. Chrome plated metal stents easy oxidation and fade, therefore, wrought iron chandelier, it is recommended that you try to choose the iron with gold plated metal stents lamp. This can not only ensure the iron lamp bright luster of the whole, and can keep the color of droplight is changeless, and won't fade in use after a period of time. Droplight line is concise, beautiful, sensual artistic temperament, coupled with the shape of a diamond, filled with the golden age of aristocratic breath. With its unique elegant and luxurious, the lamp told the quiet home environment in the life of society. Simple shapes, not too many complex changes, simple and lively, give a person the sense with a clean and elegant. Idyllic chandelier house is a happy harbor. We tired to build a warm family, here is a place of rest. How to reduce the beautiful chandelier? American country style make families feel pastoral scenery. Hardware of the lacquer that bake lamp arm, thickening of the cast iron chain hoist, high light transmittance, downy light sprinkling on the table, also provides the family warm and comfortable dining environment.
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