According to the customer demand custom chandeliers

by:Rongde     2020-08-11
According to the customer demand custom chandeliers. Enduring chandelier manufacturers should pay attention to color different class of crystalline light life is also different. Although not highlight the differences between middle and high class, high low quality differences between is obvious. Consumer is when the crystalline light of choose and buy should first look at its colorful effect, and then take a look at its gold-plated layer, generally more high-grade metal parts for 24 k gold plating, this gold-plated years will not change color, also won't rust, cheap, short of this effect, two or three months you will lose its original color. When installing a chandelier, must strengthen the lamp racks, the lamp directly fixed to the roof. Especially large and medium-sized decorative lighting, otherwise it is difficult to resist the risk of fall. Droplight is concise and easy, with simple and natural flavor. Simple but not simple modelling make whole space thick and heavy, with style and not suppressed, atmosphere is not too costly, build a clean and elegant classical atmosphere. In addition to the chandelier, still need other light sources, most of the brightness of the chandelier is insufficient, put a few lights or energy-saving lamps, also can adjust the festive mood in some special day. Not only can prevent light stimuli, but also can save a lot of electricity. That is beneficial to build sweet atmosphere to live. Droplight of factory production of the droplight with low after a period of time, the color will be dark, stents appear rust, while upscale two or three years or longer will not change color. Lighting company pays attention to the research and development and technical innovation of the products, they have introduced thousands of lighting design, meet the customer's selection. If the customer is not satisfied with the existing lighting types, can also tell designers, lighting design until the design style of lamp act the role ofing that satisfaction.
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