About all the study selected feng shui copper lamp

by:Rongde     2020-09-25
Study, is a place for people to read, it is very important to protect vision, so it is very important to study whole copper lamp selection, not only the quantity, color should be carefully selected, also need to pay attention to feng shui problems when picking, because all the study of copper lamp selection not only has influence to the eye, will also affect the finances.

one, the color of the light,
things first impression that gives a person is color. So, the light color in the study is very important. In general, should not be used in the study is too bright, white light. Because of following Ming room is dark hall, 2 it is the light will increase the burden of people eyes, very easy to cause visual fatigue. So, in the study, should choose bright yellow light as the main light. And then on the desk with a little bit bright, the desk lamp that shield an eye for learning work. Energy saving already so, also helps users use eye health.

2, the shape of the whole copper lamp
in all shapes, including square and circular is suitable for use in the study. Among them, if the individual is a lazy type or with poor self-control, square of lamp act the role ofing is best used in the study. Because the square is the symbol of the earth, can let a person also become grounded. Moreover, square don this will give a person a kind of feeling, can let users to avoid doing something no rules, no plans. If their itself is relatively rigid stubborn, then it is best to use circular lamp act the role ofing to warm oneself dignified temperament. Also let oneself become more amiable kind.

3, install all the amount of copper lamp
in the number of lamps and lanterns installation shoulds not be too much in the study, generally is two or three light advisable. A full copper main light, and then put a lamp that full copper lamp on the desk. If there is a tea table, or any other table, you can also use a floor lamp full copper, in order to move at any time. In addition, in terms of feng shui, lamps and lanterns is has its own magnetic field, and is moving. And in the study need to be quiet and peaceful atmosphere. So, do not place too much. A mess, or magnetic field can cause a person also become difficult to quiet, to study and work is not in the state.

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