3 ways to identify all copper lamp power material is good or bad

by:Rongde     2020-09-06
When buying all copper lamp at ordinary times, people put all the focus on the styles of lamps and lanterns, but few people notice the whole copper lamp power supply materials of good or bad, good power supply material can make all the service life of copper lamp more long, conversely inferior power materials will accelerate to reduce all the service life of copper lamp, it will also threaten people use safety, and even cause some safety problems, the following three ways to discern the stand or fall of all copper lamp power supply.

1. Identified in the appearance of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of the tag
to buy copper lamp should first check the mark in the lamps and lanterns, such as trademark, type, rated voltage, rated power, etc. , whether it can meet the demands of their own use. Tag security is the basic requirement of the safety performance of lamps and lanterns, the rated power is particularly important, such as a design to 40 watts of lamps and lanterns, because the marked rated power, the user is likely to 60 - or 100 - watt light bulb, it may cause the shell deformation, insulation damage, even cause electric shock, and may cause fire in addition, generally all copper lamps and lanterns on the use of wires minimum cross section of 0. 5 mm square, some manufacturers to reduce costs, and on the products with the cross-sectional area of less than 0. 5 mm square so that I may make burned in wire insulation short circuit occurred after burn, at risk. When buying can have a look at the lamps and lanterns on the outside of the wire insulation layer to print some mark

2, from the identification of protection against electric shock.
should be paid attention to protection against electric shock, all the copper lamp after electrify, people do not want to touch live parts, don't get an electric shock danger. If buy is full copper chandelier or full copper wall lamp, the light bulb installed under the condition of no electricity, such as touch live parts, with pinky, prevent to get an electric shock is largely in line with performance. Caused by electric shock proof performance of lamps and lanterns is not in conformity with the standards, is generally adopted is not in conformity with the requirements of the lamp holder or live parts of lamps and lanterns is not caused by electric shock proof protection measures such as casing.

3, from the structure of the lamps and lanterns identification wire through the tube entrance should be no sharp edges, in order to avoid cutting wire, metal parts charged, get an electric shock risk. Full copper lamp, full copper floor lamp and other portable lamps and lanterns should be the entrance of the power cord wire fixed frame, its role is to prevent the power cord back into touch the heating element, insulation layer melt line overheat, bare wire contact with the metal shell, shell charged and cause electric shock.

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