3 minutes to learn to choose and configure the sitting room all copper lamp

by:Rongde     2020-09-02
The whole copper lamp of the sitting room generally install where people often activity, can choose to install local lighting of small full copper chandelier or full copper wall lamp, can also choose to mobile full copper floor lamp. The sitting room is all important activity places, therefore, the sitting room is full of copper lamp selection and configuration is very important.

the overall lighting of the sitting room can use copper chandelier, all can be installed in the sitting room is a single head or multi-head chandelier as a main body lamp, sedate and easy, warm warm atmosphere, make the guest feel at home. All copper chandelier choice to choose according to the area and the height of the sitting room, if the sitting room area is only more than 10 square, then suggest that had better choose full copper dome light or full copper chandelier, if sitting room area is larger, the height is high also, you can choose the atmosphere, luxuriant some large copper chandelier.

the sitting room is full of copper lamp floor lamp of local lighting can make use of all the copper, copper wall lamp, reach the role of supplementary lighting, etc. , and the effect of the ornament. If they are watching TV and leisure reading, you can install growing all copper floor lamp is more appropriate, watching TV and reading off the droplight of the sitting room, open the floor lamp is not dazzling, and make the environment quiet and elegant. Sitting room background wall, which can be installed on both sides of two same size of the wall lamp. This is sedate and easy full copper lamp device, can choose according to the needs of the different light source again.

the sitting room is full of copper lamp is the overall of the more important role in domestic outfit, so it's very important to choose good full copper lamp. Is a research and development production of full 18 years of copper lamp lighting factory, all the copper lamp, as many as thousands of types of style coverage, hotline: welcome inquires.

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