2020 non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns customization of five basic flow

by:Rongde     2020-07-21
For 2020 years, many customers are fond of non-standard custom engineering lamps and lanterns, so all we have to follow when timing of lamps and lanterns which processes? Generally some of the hotel, hall, single-family villas is a professional interior designer design decoration design scheme, are involved in custom-made non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns, make indoor decoration is more considerable human. Actually not standard engineering key means not lighting lamps and lanterns, according to the non-standard engineering in the production of standard engineering lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, generally need to by professional custom non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns manufacturer. Let's talk about 2020 non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns of custom 5 basic flow.

1, to understand the needs of the customer
the first step is through the communication with the customer to understand the basic needs of customers, in the customer to provide information to obtain information, communication and the draft plan. Non-standard custom-made customer engineering lamps and lanterns and household decorates the customer is not the same, the total number of non-standard engineering customization customers must lighting lamps and lanterns more commonly, custom-made non-standard lamps and lanterns is all must after village owner and interior designer for examination and approval, to the quality of lamps and lanterns requirements is relatively high, and therefore must be experienced interior designers and for many years working experience of non-standard engineering custom manufacturer of lamps and lanterns.
2, product value
communicate customer requirements to the designer, designer drawings, review customer drawings and determine there is no problem, after calculating the price of non-standard engineering lighting, offer to the customer, after judgment is no problem, signed a cooperation agreement, formally signed a contract to pay the deposit, the general first pay 30% deposit, balance of the payment after all the production before shipment.

3, confirm sample, usually non-standard engineering lamps factory will produce the sample, confirm that the customer no errors before start mass production
4, packaged goods
after the non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns manufacturer production, concentrated packaging shipping
5, confirm the receiving

all non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns manufacturer after a non-standard custom production engineering lamps and lanterns, accurately confirm delivery to the customer, check whether there is any transport damage on lighting such as after-sales service, timely feedback to the manufacturer.

is more than 2020 non-standard customization of five basic process engineering lamps and lanterns, if you want to know more non-standard custom related details engineering lamps and lanterns, you can contact us, contact us:
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