2020 crystal lamp manufacturers lighting comprehensive return to work, look forward to working with you

by:Rongde     2020-07-28
RiNuan is spring flowers, in March, the warmth of spring, but not completely ended, and the outbreak of each enterprise has gradually began to return to work. 2020 crystal lamp factory zhongshan lamps factory lighting here remind everybody, after the return to work and production unit should pay attention to the meeting? A researcher at the Chinese CDC Zhang Liu wave puts forward four Suggestions: first, to ensure meeting room ventilated take a breath; Second, before and after the conference, dealing with conference room desktop, handles, ground cleaning and disinfection treatment; Third, try to reduce the meeting frequency, shorten the meeting time, pay attention to the conference attendees distance, not too dense, participants should wear a face mask; Fourth, if can become network conference, video conference, in this way instead of zui.

we all know that Chinese people pay attention to feng shui, and housing residential home feng shui is zui is worth of researching. The sitting room is the join point, all functional areas in the residence should be open, is located in the residential central location for zui. The sitting room should be in front, should not be in the house, relative to the other room, daylighting wants enough, feng shui is light in the hall darkroom. Dim the sitting room is easy to make a person depressed if the sitting room in the home is not very enough daylighting, zui to use light to make up for. With ever-burning lamps lighting during the day and night, light a vehicles by large custom crystal lamp can resolve. Strongly recommend looking for here in zhongshan zhongshan lamps lighting co. , LTD. , custom crystal lamp, the main production of non-standard project custom of lamps and lanterns and light luxury crystal chandelier, big crystal lamp customization, customization large crystal lamp, crystal droplight sitting room manufacturers can be personalized to meet customer demand.

in zhongshan zhongshan lamps lighting co. , LTD. , according to the different families decorate a style to choose different crystalline light, many families in order to the use of the sitting room, main use atmosphere, beautiful crystal lamp type suction a top and condole; Some young people or newly married couples, in the sitting room is decorated, tend to the wall exquisitely charming, warm color to move more pendant crystal lamp. But the sitting room decorate a style is usually the wind restoring ancient ways, with a strong Chinese element or more modern European wind. Zhongshan lamps factory below lighting for everyone to look at the two different styles of crystal lamp adornment effect.

in 2015 in zhongshan zhongshan lamps lighting co. , LTD. , with modern light luxury products formally entered the domestic distribution channels, it is many years engineering experience 'high requirements of the quality of our products, so products listed is supported by the distributor. We aspire to do industry zui good lighting products, at present, the in the center of the town and lamp bo has light industry shou home zui large-scale modern luxury hall hall, zhongshan lamps factory welcome you to our further cooperation. 2020 crystal lamp factory zhongshan lamps lighting hotline:
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