2019 postmodern style - worth having Postmodern light luxury crystal lamp

by:Rongde     2020-07-23
To borrow a famous saying a designer; A successful design consists of two aspects: one is to meet people's spiritual pursuit, on the other hand to meet the needs of the human body function and space function. The correct positioning and design technique is a space is the basis and prerequisite for success. So this is to introduce or appreciate a: 2019 postmodern style - worth having The beauty of postmodern light luxury crystal lamp decoration. Don't miss oh.

take a zhongshan lamps lighting the recent implementation of a case to illustrate, domestic outfit style customer demand: style is a post-modern style, lamps and lanterns: postmodern light luxury crystal lamp, house area: 122 flat, house door model: two rooms two hall. Guest dining-room whole tonal control between the hemp gray and the color of camel's hair, top of the stainless steel use champagne to strengthen performance of simple lines, metope do metal concave and convex molding waist line, the stone material of TV setting, with the ground stone for curve is bold and not exaggeration, form contrast with the straight line of concise, and different, gentle and refined, elegant and rich rhythm.

continue to use the same kind of metal elements in the master bedroom, in the background on both sides of the wall and the main accessories, point out the theme - Post-modern style of light luxury crystal lamp, considering the space function for rest space, pays attention to is comfortable, brunet woodiness floor to promote the foot feels, setting wall is mass-tone attune and bedding as the color purple, the deputy of warm color light source, the post-modern style can reveal warmth and romance.

zhongshan lamps factory lighting that builds a house full of life temperature, designers should focus on quality and aesthetic thinking. In the fully understand the owner after culture, social status, life pursuit, shall be the owner to the style of the reasonable Suggestions. But don't stress big empty vanity display, but inside collect extended life, appear relaxed and warm atmosphere, make the outer rush about home owner, after a whole day's working pressure can be eased in the space. Most owners choose the post-modern style of light luxury crystal lamp.

in zhongshan zhongshan lamps lighting co. , LTD. , founded in 2008, is a and the production, research and development, design, sales, service as one integrated enterprise. The company mainly produces non-standard custom lighting and light and decoration art lighting, has advanced production equipment, perfect testing means and quality assurance system. 2015 zhongshan lamps lighting with modern light luxury products formally entered the domestic distribution channels, it is many years engineering experience 'high requirements of the quality of our products, so products listed is supported by the distributor. We aspire to make industry the best lighting products, light post-modern luxury postmodern light luxury crystal lamp, lamp will find zhongshan lamps factory lighting. Zhongshan lamps factory welcome you to our further cooperation.
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