2019 do non-standard engineering custom manufacturer of lamps and lanterns is not easy!

by:Rongde     2020-07-23
Zhongshan guzhen town is one of the world, the people all over the world know. In the ancient town in the whole lighting lighting industry, various categories, different styles of lighting products emerge in endlessly; Has a modern style lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns of Europe type style, American style lamps and lanterns, Chinese style style lamps and lanterns light. Unlike traditional lighting, non-standard custom engineering lamps and lanterns is standing in a gold in the vast ocean 'lighting'. To do non-standard lighting enterprise, is not only a product, more creative and ideas. First of all, creativity is an important way of lamp is acted the role of enterprise development. Without creativity, there would be no enterprise unique individual character, also is difficult to form core competitive power, will be caught in a vicious competition of homogeneity. Second, the concept is a reflection of enterprise pattern and grade. No idea, there would be no industry standard, and it will be difficult to break through the limitations of the traditional, thus difficult to become bigger and stronger.

companies do non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns is customized as saying. Non-standard lighting enterprise roughly divided into three levels, the business scope is also different. In short, a line of non-standard lighting enterprise achievement is idea, second line is non-standard lighting business resources, three lines of non-standard lighting companies are selling products. In town, some do better: non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns of customization enterprise huayi, wins the ball, fu xing, treasure the tees, kaiyuan, zhongshan lamps factory, etc. All of these are exposed. They have their own way of 'doing business', but the summary of non-standard lighting enterprise is not hard to find, the different levels of enterprises have different characteristics. Big, its comprehensive strength is very strong. From documentary to production design, project and other one-stop service more professional, occupies a certain advantage in large hotel project competition. Zhongshan lamps factory is a professional non-standard custom service engineering lamps and lanterns, zhongshan lamps lighting non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns is not according to industry standards and related standard production engineering lamp, generally require special non-standard custom.

zhongshan lamps factory since its establishment, we has to undertake the domestic hotel project, the lamps and lanterns of production of non-standard engineering case of lamps and lanterns is international hotel, ka wah hotel, houjie town, dongguan, houjie, dongguan wanda, diaoyutai state guesthouse, hotel, Shanghai east hotel, Beijing central Treasury building, intercontinental sanya haitang bay, chenzhou mangshan forest forest hot spring tourism resort, the world trade center in Shanghai, sheraton hotel in xiamen, hangzhou, yunnan baiyao pharmaceutical factory zhengda new century hotel, panyu star river hotel, Oriental ginza pullman hotel in shenyang and so on. Zhongshan lamps factory non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns of customization enterprise with professional technology and precision can be received wide praise of customers.

zhongshan lamps factory focus on custom non-standard lamps and lanterns, have skilled construction team. Zhongshan lamps factory crystalline light materials are calculated by non-standard lamps and lanterns made 12 days to complete. Zhongshan lamps factory professional team construction, quality one-stop service. Zhongshan lamps lighting atmosphere of luxury hotel to provide you with high end lighting lamp and so on, the sales hall, villa art of non-standard custom service engineering lamps and lanterns, 2019 completes the non-standard engineering custom manufacturer of lamps and lanterns is not simple, choose lamps and lanterns of zhongshan factory let you absolutely trust.
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